Friday, 18 August 2017

Let's Get Clear skin and Free from Acne

Acne is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease that causes pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, nodules and cysts. It affects 4 in every 5 people aged 10 to 35 years. It generally occurs during the puberty phase, when the sebaceous glands activate at high level. Otherwise it can occur at any age.
Surgeries in treating Acne
Treatment processes for acne includes laser acne surgery, medication and creams. Acne surgery is defines a combination of different acne treatment procedures. Surgical treatment for acne is recommended to treat stubborn breakout of acne that are not showing improvement with any other kind of treatment. Acne surgeries included
Blemish excision
When medication treatment for blemish did not respond well to cure than blemish surgery is prescribes by the doctor. A small incision is made in the skin to drain the pus and debris occurs due to blemish. After the pus drainage, blemish may start to heal. The surgery process still left little mark of scar and need acne treatment medication to control blemish to reoccur.
Laser surgery
In Laser surgery, laser is used to reduce inflammation, growth of acne causing bacteria, to heal existing pimples and stimulates the skin to rejuvenate again. Acne and acne scars both are treated well with laser surgery. The number of sitting for laser treatment is depends on the intensity of the problem. Laser surgery is expensive and needed doctor recommendation.

Chemical surgery
Chemical surgery is performed by chemical peels. Chemical peels are superficial peels and used to treat mild acne. These peels are gently exfoliated and have no downtime. There are many types of chemical peels are available in the market and only doctor will suggest the best according the skin requirement. In the process, a chemical peel is applied on the skin and left for the certain time period. The chemicals present on the peel removes the skin surface and allow new skin to develop. Chemical peels are used to treat acne and scarring, both.
Intralesional injections
Intralesional injections are corticosteroid injections that are used to shrink, big blemishes. A small amount of cortisone injected directly into the pimple to flatten out the blemish in few hours.  It is a regular treatment process to clean up the pimple.
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