Tuesday, 19 September 2017

New Healthy Hair By Advanced Hair Transplant

New Healthy Hair By Advanced Hair Transplant Hair loss is a condition of excessive hair fall from the scalp. It is a common problem and can affect anyone at any age. The common cause of hair fall is hereditary that comes with the age. The hair can become thin over the entire scalp in this type of hair loss. Hair transplant treatment basically fills the bald area, which has thin or not hair with the help of existing hairs.
Hair transplant is very common at the present time and people are interested to transplant their hair and provide them a better growth medium. In this treatment process, the doctor scrubs scalp area and inoculates medicine to daze the back of head and transplant the hair. The hair transplant can be done by using two methods
  •  Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) 
  • Follicular unit extraction method (FUE) 

In the follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) method, the surgeon takes out 5-12 inch strip skin from the back of the head, sets it aside and stitches the scalp to close the area. This detached strip of skin is used for hair transplant by making 500-2000 tiny grafts which are used to transplant. In the follicular unit extraction method (FUE), the doctor will trim back of the scalp, eliminates hair follicles one by one and prepares grafts for hair transplant. The surgery will take around 4-8 hours. 

  • Infection
  •   Bleeding 
  • Growth of unnatural looking new hair 
  •  Scarring 
  •  Inflammation in the hair follicles 

The treatment needs proper medication to avoid any potential risks. People can return to their work after 2-5 days of transplant. The hair growth can be noticeable after few months of surgery. Approximately, 60% of new hair growth can be visible after 8-9 months. Like any other surgery, hair transplant also has certain risks such as infection or bleeding. Sometimes there are also chances of unnatural looking new hair growth or scarring.
Dr.ParthaSarathi’s Asian Hair And Skin Hospitals’ is founded by Dr.ParathaSarathi Dutta Roy, a well-known dermatologist, and cosmetologist in Bangalore. This hospital is the outcome of all his experiences and learnings in the field of dermatology, cosmetology, and Trichology. 
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Friday, 18 August 2017

Let's Get Clear skin and Free from Acne

Acne is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease that causes pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, nodules and cysts. It affects 4 in every 5 people aged 10 to 35 years. It generally occurs during the puberty phase, when the sebaceous glands activate at high level. Otherwise it can occur at any age.
Surgeries in treating Acne
Treatment processes for acne includes laser acne surgery, medication and creams. Acne surgery is defines a combination of different acne treatment procedures. Surgical treatment for acne is recommended to treat stubborn breakout of acne that are not showing improvement with any other kind of treatment. Acne surgeries included
Blemish excision
When medication treatment for blemish did not respond well to cure than blemish surgery is prescribes by the doctor. A small incision is made in the skin to drain the pus and debris occurs due to blemish. After the pus drainage, blemish may start to heal. The surgery process still left little mark of scar and need acne treatment medication to control blemish to reoccur.
Laser surgery
In Laser surgery, laser is used to reduce inflammation, growth of acne causing bacteria, to heal existing pimples and stimulates the skin to rejuvenate again. Acne and acne scars both are treated well with laser surgery. The number of sitting for laser treatment is depends on the intensity of the problem. Laser surgery is expensive and needed doctor recommendation.

Chemical surgery
Chemical surgery is performed by chemical peels. Chemical peels are superficial peels and used to treat mild acne. These peels are gently exfoliated and have no downtime. There are many types of chemical peels are available in the market and only doctor will suggest the best according the skin requirement. In the process, a chemical peel is applied on the skin and left for the certain time period. The chemicals present on the peel removes the skin surface and allow new skin to develop. Chemical peels are used to treat acne and scarring, both.
Intralesional injections
Intralesional injections are corticosteroid injections that are used to shrink, big blemishes. A small amount of cortisone injected directly into the pimple to flatten out the blemish in few hours.  It is a regular treatment process to clean up the pimple.
Dr. parthasarathi hospital in Bengaluru provides best acne surgeries treatment in India. The efficient and experienced team of the clinic provides suitable and effective treatment for acne.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Restore your beauty at its best

 Most of the people are disappointed of not having an attractive physical structure, and may be upset because of physical disorders like slim physic, misalignment etc. But today's medical science invented surgical methods like cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery that may be helpful for treating any kinds of physical disorders. These surgical procedures can change anybody's facial or body structure to their desired level.

The following are some of advantages cosmetic and plastic surgery:

  • Ageing lines or wrinkles can be reduced or removed 
  • Any type of birth defects can be corrected
  • Injury imperfection can be corrected or reduced
  • Disease feature can be repaired
  •  Can reconstruct the body and facial features

Types of Cosmetic Surgery

There are mainly two types of cosmetic surgery which is addition and deletion. In some cases cosmetic surgery is done with collagen injection to give proper shape and size to the body parts and in other cases when there is excess mass, cosmetic surgery delete the volume to give the perfect shape.
Types of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can perform a number of procedures, the following are the most common and popular procedures of Plastic Surgery:

  • Rhinoplasty: Defect of nose can be treated through rhinoplasty. 
  • Liposuction: Excess fat is cut down through this liposuction procedure for giving attractive body structure.
  • Breast Augmentation: The women having small breast can get beautiful and attractive big breast through breast augmentation procedure of plastic surgery.
  • Blepharoplasty: To give redesign and shape of the eye lids, blepharoplasty is just incomparable plastic surgery.

Asian Hair and Skin Hospital is one of the best skin clinic headed by Dr Parthasarathy, one of the best dermatologist and cosmetologist in Bangalore, provides the most advanced and effective Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Bangalore at affordable cost.

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Get Rid Of Unwanted Tattoo With Laser

Nearly 30% of people in U.S.A have at least one tattoo. Almost half of all millennials have atleast one. But as luck would have it, not all of them are happy about their choice. As many as 25% of those with a tattoo say they regret getting inked. If you’re in that 25%, there is great news for you. ASIAN HAIR & SKIN HOSPITAL provides Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal in Bangalore which help you to get rid of unwanted tattoo with minimal side effects.


How Does It Work?

Tattoos are removed by lasers as they break up the pigment colors with a high-intensity light beam. Black tattoo pigment absorbs every laser wavelength, making it the easiest color to break. Based upon the pigment color, other colors can also remove by selected lasers.

You should first schedule an appointment with a trained professional who can analyze your tattoo and advise you. The number of actions you will need will rest on on the age, size, and color(s) of your tattoo. The color of your skin, as well as how deep into the skin the tattoo pigment goes, will also affect the removal method.

What Are The Side Effects?

Laser treatment is often harmless or has minor side effects compared to any other tattoo removal techniques, such as dermabrasion, excision, or salabrasion because laser treatment process selectively treats the pigment in the tattoo on your skin. The few side effects it has should be considered before going ahead with the treatment.

Your tattoo elimination site on the skin is at risk for infection. And there is a minor chance that you will have an everlasting scar. It’s doubtful that your tattoo will be completely removed. In numerous cases, certain colors may be more effectively removed than others. Blue and black tattoos, for instance, respond well to laser treatment.


You may have hypopigmentation, which means the skin that is treated is paler than the skin adjacent to it. You could also have hyperpigmentation, which leaves the affected skin shadier than the rest of your skin.

Cosmetic tattoos similar to lip liner, eyeliner, and eyebrows might get darker after laser treatment. They tend to diminish with additional sessions.

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Friday, 19 May 2017

Gentle & Fast Tatooo Removal

Tattoo removal is a method to remove an unwanted tattoo. Techniques that are used to remove tattoo include laser surgery, surgical removal, and dermabrasion. Basically, tattoo ink is positioned under the surface layer of the skin and makes tattoo removal more difficult and expensive in comparison to the original tattoo application.

 Tattoo removal is not an easy process and need an expert supervision. Home treatments and do-it-yourself tattoo removal creams are not much effective and sometimes cause skin irritation and other problems. Tattoo removal is an outpatient procedure which can be performed with local anesthesia. Tattoo removal techniques include laser surgery, surgical removal, and dermabrasion. The widely used technique is laser technique. In laser technique high intensity light beam is used to separate pigment color of tattoo and remove tattoos from the skin. All the laser wavelength is absorb by the black tattoo pigment and make it the stress-free color the treat. Other colors give more stress by treated by only selected lasers.
  It is recommended to consult with a trained professional who has a good experience in tattoo removal. The treatment count will depend on the tattoo size, color, and age of the tattoo. The removal technique is also affected by the color of the skin and deepness of tattoo pigment on skin. Laser tattoo removal technique is painful but mostly people choose it as it gives satisfactory results.
Benefit of tattoo removal by laser technique
  • More predictable result
  • Less pain
  • Good outcomes
  • Fast healing
There are some side effects of laser technique
  • Infection
  • Chance of permanent scar
  • Hypopigmentation
Dr.parthasarathi hospital in Bengaluru has a best dermatologists for tattoo removal surgery. The doctors of the hospital provide proper consultation, treatment and care to the patients. Tattoo removal is a tough process and only expert can treat it wisely.


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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Are you tired of pigmentation, acne scars, aging wrinkly skin, dark spots? Tons of ineffective and expensive treatments, creams with no results? Fret not, laser skin resurfacing is the answer to your woes!
Laser skin resurfacing or laser peel is a well known cosmetic procedure that is safe, effective and convenient, rejuvenating your skin making you look younger and fresh. It removes the damaged outer layer of the skin stimulating the production of collagen and new skin cells in the underlying layers diminishing the imperfections on the skin.


How does laser skin resurfacing work?

The laser uses concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin in a very precise manner one layer at a time. The laser beam used in laser resurfacing removes the outer layer of your skin, called the epidermis. It simultaneously heats the underlying skin, called dermis, hence stimulating the growth of new collagen fibers making the surface of your skin smoother. You can also target specific skin concerns.
Who can get this treatment? 
The most suitable person for this treatment should have a skin type that is non-oily and elastic. The candidate should also be free of any medical condition that includes prescription medicines or health conditions that can hamper the effect of the treatment. Hence, the candidate must be aware of the results of the treatment and should have realistic expectations.
What to Expect?
Generally, laser resurfacing is an outpatient procedure.
It is possible to treat individual wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, forehead and sometimes the entire face. Local anaesthetic is used to numb small areas before treatment. The doctor may also sedate you if your whole face has to be treated.
If the doctor is treating parts of your face, the procedure will take only 30 to 45 minutes whereas full face treatment can take up to two hours.
Why Dr.Parthasarathi’s Asian Hair and Skin Hospitals?
Matters of the skin and especially more so the matters of the face cannot be taken lightly. The right treatment with the right dermatologist is of the utmost importance.
Here, at Dr Parthasarathi’s Asian Hair and Skin Hospital, we take care and approach every individuals skin type the way it should be treated. We conduct various examinations and the required investigations before moving on with the procedure. We have the best in class doctors and equipment to help you with your skin problems.
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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

How to Get Thicker Hair ?

Hair Transplant is a method that is used to overcome the shortcomings in the hair crop due to baldness, hair loss due to lifestyle changes or loss of hair due to some medical reasons or accidents. It involves the transplant of hair from some other region of the body to the desired area. The whole process is very much tactful and requires craft, skill and medical expertise.


Major benefits of the hair transplant are :
  • Better Looks
  • A Permanent Solution
  • Improved Self-Esteem
  • Cost Savings
  • Natural Appearance
Hair transplant is of two main types. The first is Follicular UNIT Transplant and the second is Follicular unit extraction. FUT is a method that can be used in women with the problem of thinning hair as it leaves behind no scars. In this method, a strip of hair is moved from a part of the body to the required region. In case of an FUE treatment, the strip of the hair is not transferred. Instead, the follicles that result in hair growth are carefully handpicked by an expert from some part of the body. It is to be ensured that these follicles are healthy and is properly nourished before placing it into the required part of the body. The whole process requires abundant care to ensure proper results. FUT is the older method of the two but it also maintains a natural look after the treatment is done.

Dr.Parthasarathi Dutta Roy is known to be Best Dermatologist in Bangalore. He is very well known for his clinical skills. He never compromise with the quality of treatment and patients’ safety.

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